Simple, Subtle, Beautiful

From the get-go, I knew I wanted something simple and elegant that would fit in perfectly with our garden wedding location while offering a subtle pop of color. As a budget and DIY bride, I also wanted something I could handle easily at the right price. When I saw a snapdragons at a wedding while perusing inspiration photos, I knew I had found my flower. I found the price and ease I was looking for at Fifty Flowers.

I wasn't set on having any particular color (our only wedding color was purple) so I ordered the farm mix and decided I'd figure everything out when the flowers arrived. When the huge box came three days before my wedding, I was thrilled open it and see such a lovely variety of colors -- ivory, yellow, light purple, dark purple, orange, pink. The variety didn't disappoint. I had so many options to work with!

I followed the care and transportation directions from the Fifty Flowers blog to a T and despite my lack of a green thumb, they not only survived, but thrived! The hardest part was getting them into my car and an hour drive down to our destination in historic St. Augustine. I imagine dragging the buckets up three flights of stairs to our suite on the third flood of an old inn from the 1700s was a challenge too, but I left that to the men in the family!

The night before the wedding, I gathered with my mother and a few friends and put together the centerpieces. I used a variety of glass vases I picked up from thrift stores and was pleased with the results. Each centerpiece was unique in its own way! The day of the wedding, my mother and maid of honor spent about an hour putting together the bouquets, boutonnieres and a small basket for the flower girl. It was easy and low key. We had an abundance of white snapdragons so we used those for the boutonnieres and as a neutral color for the bouquets. We had plenty of light and dark purple that we used to really brighten the bouquets and match the wedding color. My wedding dress was very intricate and delicate, so I kept my bouquet simple so it wouldn't detract from the dress. We finished up our floral design with simple yet beautiful yellow snapdragons for the mothers -- a couple of strands they could carry when they walked down the aisle. It was a last minute addition, as we had so many flowers left over, but it was such a nice touch.

I received tons of compliments on the flowers all evening. When the night was over, we encouraged guests to take the centerpieces and had the venue take the rest flowers for the ladies in their office. We still had so many left back in our suite, so we gave them to the inn we were staying at to put out in all of the rooms. They were thrilled! I put my bouquet in water when we got back home from the wedding and I was surprised when I came back from our honeymoon a week later to find it was still in excellent condition!

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