Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Silver dollar eucalyptus features large round leaves which add so much texture and earthiness to flower arrangements. It also has the signature eucalyptus scent that we all know and love! Whether you're creating a simple vase bouquet or a cascading wedding arrangement, silver dollar is an excellent choice of greenery. Check out the rest of our eucalyptusgreenerygrasses, and garlands to add to your arrangement.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Greens

from $114.99

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland

from $144.99

Purple Tinted Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

from $214.99

Aromatherapy Assorted Eucalyptus Bunches

from $74.99

Tea Time Eucalyptus and Lavender Wreath

from $129.99

Golden Sands Dried Grass and Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

from $169.99

Eucalyptus Wedding DIY Greenery Box

from $114.99

Silver Dollar Seeded Eucalyptus and Myrtle Garland

from $154.99

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus and Tree Fern Garland

from $159.99

Silver Dollar, Leather Leaf, Plumosa and Salal Greens Garland

from $159.99

Green Huck, Silver Eucalyptus and Salal Greens Garland

from $159.99

Seeded Eucalyptus and Variegated Pittosporum Fresh Garland

from $144.99

Farm Fresh Assorted Eucalyptus Greenery Mix

from $114.99

Choose Your Own Eucalyptus Greenery Premium Pack

from $169.99

Metallic Gold Greenery DIY Combo Box

from $104.99

Burgundy Blush DIY Wedding Flower Pack

from $269.99

Oxblood and Sage DIY Combo Pack

from $179.99

Royal Romantic Wedding Flower Pack

from $279.99

Winter White DIY Combo Pack

from $124.99

Eucalyptus and Fresh Flower DIY Combo Pack

from $594.99

Mixed Eucalyptus Greenery Centerpiece

from $84.99

Farmhouse Style DIY Flowers

from $124.99

Kale Garden Party DIY Flower Mix

from $399.99

Crushing on Coral DIY Ocean Flower Pack

from $109.99

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