Saying “I do!” At Blue

It may be the wedding planner in me, but I knew from the start of our wedding planning journey, that I would want to handle as many wedding details and design on my own as possible. Flowers, however, had been one item on that list that I had been up in the air on; debating constantly if I was willing to splurge on a florist or taking on the task myself. Let me stop you right there and say, I am SO glad that I had taken on the project myself! After receiving many quotes from florists from all walks of life and design expertise, I knew that flowers were a project that I could take on myself and I am so glad that I found FiftyFlowers! After doing some flower soul searching to figure out exactly what I wanted for our big day, I stumbled upon the Burgundy Blush DIY wedding kit, that felt as though it was made just for my wedding. After figuring out how many centerpieces we needed (we did simple bud vases) and our bouquet needs, I was able to easily figure out which sized pack was required for our floral needs. I loved that I was able to make our arrangements as small or large as I wanted to because I was the one doing it! My two co-workers came over two days before our wedding and helped me put together our bouquets. We spent the most time on my bouquet, but from there, came up with a system for the other necessary six bouquets and cruised right along. Whimsical is the best way to summarize the look we were going for and I think we nailed it! By going with FiftyFlowers, it really allowed us to use our creative freedom and personal touches without spending too much money. We had so many flowers left over that we were able to sprinkle additional arrangements and floral details throughout our space, which just added a whole other look in feel that the ballroom had already offered. In fact, no one even knew that we had done the flowers ourselves. I spent roughly $500 with all of the flowers I had ordered and had SO MUCH left over after everything was accounted for. We had beautiful floral arrangements set up around our house for a good week or two after the wedding - we had that much left over and the flowers just wouldn't die! (not that I wanted them to) They were so incredibly vibrant and beautiful! Looking back, I wouldn't change a single detail in regards to our flowers!

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