Rustic Wisconsin Barn Wedding

How we met: Mckenzie and Adam met summer of 2007 at freshman orientation in Eau Claire, WI. Both Mckenzie and Adam were in the same English class that year at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, where they continuously heckled each other about their favorite NFL teams. They started as "just friends" most of college, and shared many awesome memories together (South Padre Spring Break, Education classes, Mentoring Program at UWEC, just to name a few); and eventually Adam asked Mckenzie out on the first date. Yes, after 4 very long years have passed of knowing each other, Adam finally got the nerve and asked her out. You guessed it, Red Lobster it was. About a month later, it was 11/11, and as superstitious as Mckenzie is, at 11:11 pm she made a wish. That wish came true when Adam asked Mckenzie to be his girlfriend and they had their first kiss that night. Adam and Mckenzie were inseparable ever since.

She said yes: On May 16, 2015 Adam woke up Mckenzie around 7:30 am yelling "Let's go before the rain is suppose to come!" Adam knew the way to Mckenzie's heart and decided to plan a hiking trip out to the mountains. Adam drove Mckenzie out to O' Fallon Park in Evergreen, CO for what Mckenzie thought was just an ordinary Saturday morning hike in Colorado. When they neared the top, Mckenzie stopped to take a picture (no surprise for Adam) and Adam planned to pull out the ring at that point. Mckenzie then turned right back for the trail and continued on her way. Adam knew that it wasn't "the spot." They continued on. Mckenzie started to get cranky as she was out of breath and wanted to summit sooner than later. Mckenzie and Adam saw a large rock formation at the summit and Mckenzie, without hesitation, climbed to the top, overlooking the Rocky Mountain skyline. Adam then climbed up behind her, said her name in a shaky voice and then proceeded to ask her to marry him. Without any further words, tears were streaming down Mckenzie's face and finally said YES! Mckenzie fell weak to her knees, due to being completely in shock. Up on the mountain top, Adam's surprise wasn't over yet. He packed some wine and gave a toast (another one of Mckenzie's favorites). They enjoyed the beautiful scenery together and soaked up that moment together. Later they shared the news with friends and family and then went to dinner for fondue later that evening. That day will never be forgotten.

The Wedding: The outdoor ceremony started at 4:00 pm on July 15, 2016. Cocktail hour was held from 4:30-5:30 pm. Dinner and speeches began around 5:30 pm which were held in the barn. The dancing and band began around 7:00 pm and ended with a sparkler send off around 11:00 pm. All dinner and dancing events were held in the barn. Around dusk, our parents surprised us with a firework show. It was fantastic and beautiful!

Thank you's: Not only would I love to show off the beautiful talent of my photographer, as she did a fantastic job capturing every moment of our day, but also of the beautiful flowers that were shipped to us for my wedding from Fifty Flowers. Our flowers were absolutely stunning and we got constant compliments about them the day of and for many days after! My mom, Carrie Bergner, placed the order through Fifty Flowers and also did the designing and creations of the bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, the floral arranging on the cake as well as other various decorations. My mom spent hours designing my bouquets the morning of our rehearsal dinner. She is so talented and my husband and I are so thankful we had her creativity to help us with our flowers. Our flowers truly made our day that much more magical. I hope these photos inspire other brides that they too, can order through such a respectable whole sales flower company, and receive the flowers of their dreams for their special day.

Thank you,
Mckenzie and Adam Anderson

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