Rustic Shenandoah Wedding

This was a rustic wedding out in Shenandoah, VA. The flowers were arranged by the bride, groom, and the groom's mother. All of the flowers arrived in excellent condition, and were so beautiful! Aside from the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and corsages, we also had enough flowers leftover to make five hairpieces, a cake topper, and use flowers as decorations all throughout the barn. The table centerpieces (not shown) consisted of a lantern in the middle with two milk jars on either side containing a rose and carnation each.

Also, after the initial order, we changed some of the flower quantities. We actually ordered 72 blush pink roses, 15 bunches of eucalyptus, and 10 bunches of baby's breath. All of the other quantities are correct as listed!

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