Rustic Glam Barn Wedding

When I saw a styled photoshoot taken at Rustic Grace Estate I knew who I wanted as my photographer and where I wanted to get married but when it came to flowers, I was a bit clueless. After several quotes from florists in the area, I was shocked at the cost of wedding flowers. In an effort to stay within budget I began searching for other options to get the wedding flowers I wanted. Enter FiftyFlowers. I began researching the names of the flowers in bouquets I had pinned on Pinterest and comparing the prices of flowers and options on FiftyFlowers. With the prices and counts of flowers clearly available, it was easy to build a spreadsheet based on the number of vases, candelabras and bouquets we needed and determine the final cost. You'll need to know how many flowers you want in each arrangement and bouquet to price out the best option for your wedding. There are many websites that can provide recommendations for bouquet sizes and flower counts for each size and then you can leverage a spreadsheet for putting together the numbers.

Prior to checking out, feeling a bit nervous, I bought some flowers from the grocery store and created a test bouquet by following some simple bouquet making instructions I found online, just to ensure this was something we could actually accomplish. It ended up being pretty simple and I decided to go for it. I paid a total of $739 at checkout.

On the week of the wedding, we followed the instructions provided by FiftyFlowers and had buckets of water and flower food ready for the flowers. We received the flowers on Tuesday and our wedding was on Friday so we kept them in a cool dark area with plenty of water until Thursday and made sure to change the water regularly.

On the day before the wedding, my mom, now mother-in-law, and a few bridesmaids graciously helped me to put the centerpieces and bouquets together. It helped to have put together a spreadsheet with counts of each type of flower for each type of arrangement (candelabra, large vase, small vase, bridesmaid bouquet, etc) so that the crew knew what flowers to use to ensure we did not run out. Putting together the 11 candelabras, 18 vases and 7 bouquets took about 4 hours with 4-6 people so definitely plan ahead and try to have as many helpers as possible. The flowers ended up turning out amazing and were so gorgeous and bright against the gold theme vases and candelabras!

It is definitely possible to have your dream wedding flowers on a budget through!

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