Rustic Elegant Wedding

From the get go, we knew we wanted this wedding to be a DIY wedding, so for months we thought of every little detail from colors, to guest gifts, food and more. As November 3rd was getting closer and things started to come together, we knew we would need a team to tackle the flowers so we called in all the girls of the family. My mother and I spend months on pinterest and goggle looking for the perfect place to order flowers. Which we found, when we stumbled onto FiftyFlowers, they were so helpful from the start. We spend days adding this and that flower to our cart to match the cozy rustic theme. They made it a complete breeze as they helped with consulting about flower care as well as shipping/delivery questions. The vision I had for my rustic elegant wedding was blown out of the water with the unique flowers, we are still receiving compliments on how beautiful the flowers were. I couldn't imagine the flowers on my wedding day looking any different or better, I will forever love how they turned out and the memorizes made bring them together (even my down-home, country of a husband was impressed!!)

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