Rustic Chic Romantic Wedding with a Surprise Twist

Our wedding story is like no other! We got engaged in January of 2018 and decided very early on that we wanted to have an Engagement Party, but actually, surprise everyone and get married that day! And was everyone surprised! Not only did we have the idea of turning our engagement party into our wedding, but we were married at a Girl Scout camp, made our own bouquets, had a food truck, VW photobooth bus and just did everything ourselves - of course with some major help! Overall, the day was perfect! We love the outdoors and wanted everything to be rustic, chic, but still romantic! For the bouquets, we started with the 'Vintage Mauve Dreams' in the "Make this Look" section and made a few adjustments. I love hydrangeas & eucalyptus and wanted to incorporate those into the bridal & bridesmaids bouquets and adding the hydrangeas made the bouquets look exactly how we wanted!

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