Rustic Chic

When my fiance and I started wedding planning no one really thought that we could pull off doing our own flowers, but we totally proved them wrong. I used pinterest to find bouquets that I really loved that would go with our color themes of navy and pink with pops of gold, and then researched online wholesale florists. Fifty Flowers was raved about on a blog I was following, AWP, so I gave it a try and set up a phone call with Violet. Violet was so helpful it was amazing, I would send her the links to the photos and she would make suggestions based on how many centerpieces and bouquets we were going to make. The day that the flowers were scheduled to arrive I was very surprised as they looked much better in person than in the photos. We did have a few issues, our orange sherbet garden roses were swapped out last minute to yellow roses without my knowledge, due to them not being up to standard and I called Fifty Flowers and they let me choose another flower for the next day delivery so we were able to get coral peonies as well. Also, the main flower of our wedding was the Amenone, and unfortunately when they arrived they were in awful condition, again I spoke to Fifty Flowers, and they asked for pictures and agreed that they were not in great condition and sent us a full refund. Besides a few hiccups, the flowers were amazing and all the hard work we did the day before turned out amazing- it helps to have a plan before you start and ask for help too! We had about 20+ tables to create centerpieces for, and we had 3 arrangements per a table in mason jars, wine bottles, and tiny gold jars- but we pulled it off!

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