Italian or Israeli Ruscus are 2 of the deepest dark true greenery colors you will find in Mother Nature for making arrangements. Greens are the base for making floral arrangements and instalations; typically the most cost effective as each bulk bunch comes with a handful of stems plus each stem has lots of laterals. Shop our collection today and pick your best option!

Italian Ruscus Greenery

from $149.99

Israeli Ruscus Greenery

from $89.99

Classic Wedding Greenery Combo Box

from $124.99

Wedding Greenery Mix

from $104.99

White Dried Italian Ruscus

from $194.99

Italian Ruscus Greens Garland

from $159.99

Party Perfect Green Flower Centerpieces

from $99.99

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus and Tree Fern Garland

from $159.99

Classic Romance Greens Centerpiece

from $114.99

Blush Dried Italian Ruscus

from $174.99

Italian Ruscus and Nagi Greens Garland

from $159.99

Textured Greens Centerpiece

from $134.99

Whimsical Chic Greenery Centerpiece

from $114.99

Israeli Ruscus Wreath

from $119.99

Israeli Ruscus, White Pine, Leyland Cedar, Red Faux Berries Garland

from $124.99

Israeli Ruscus, Salal and Weeping Podocarpus Greens Garland

from $149.99

Israeli Ruscus Greens Garland

from $149.99

Wildly Rustic Greens Centerpiece

from $104.99

Salal and Italian Ruscus Greens with Curly Tips Garland

from $159.99

Mixed Greens Fresh Centerpieces


Picturesque Ruscus and Seeded Eucalyptus Wedding Arch Piece

from $594.99