Roses and Filler For Days

I am really glad I decided to order my flowers through I saved quite a bit of money and the flowers were amazing. Our wedding was held at in an industrial mill so the soft colors of the flowers went really well with the contrasting venue. The flowers do take about an hour or so to unpack and trim, but it was fairly simple to accomplish. Make sure you do have a strong pair of scissors as some of the stems were thick. It was easy to care for the flowers, you had to make sure the water level was high enough and keep the flowers in a cool place. The morning of my bridesmaids and I were able to put together flower bouquets as we were all taking turns getting our hair and makeup done. The room smelled of eucalyptus all morning which was an added bonus. The arraignments were beautiful and we had plenty of flowers and greenery left over to decorate the cake, food tables and bar. I had plenty of compliments on my flowers. Our makeup artist said our flowers were better than some of the professional ones she has seen in the past.

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