Romantic, Scottish Wedding at the Lake in Michigan

I have always been a creative person and I am also a wedding photographer so when it came time for OUR wedding, I had so many ideas to sift through during the planning process to find the vision for our day!

I have always loved flowers and I love those weddings where there are flowers on every surface! But as a bride, I knew we would not be able to get the type of flowers we wanted by hiring a professional florist. The type of flowers we wanted and the expertise would have been way outside of our budget. I decided that instead, I would learn as much as I could about flowers and would arrange the flowers myself! We also knew we weren't going to be creating a ton of arrangements and/or bouquets. . . I had three bridesmaids bouquets, my bridal bouquet, 2 ceremony arrangements, and then a bunch of small vases and arrangements scattered throughout the space. No boutonnieres, no corsages, and no big centerpieces for the guest tables.

We felt like our bouquets were the most important since they would be photographed the most throughout the day (mine especially), and that all the other flowers would be minimal since our guests would be talking or dancing, not worrying about the centerpieces! So that's where I focused most of my time! I watched a ton of videos on YouTube and actually attended a local florist's arranging class to get some experience. During this time is also when I found FiftyFlowers! I wanted to test out the preparation process in advance to the wedding day, so I placed an order for white roses for my bridal shower! I got to see how the shipping process worked and have a chance to process the flowers in a trial run before the wedding which was a big help for me! Plus, I then had beautiful flowers for my bridal shower!

I LOVED the whole process!! I knew it was a big DIY to take on as a bride and you definitely need people to help you (it's more fun when it's collaborative anyway!), but I wouldn't have done it any other way! I have so much pride now when I think about all our flowers and seeing my vision come to life was simply amazing!!

If I had to describe our wedding day with one word it would be magical! Everything and everyone was so beautiful and delightful in such a way as it seemed removed from everyday life.â €
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Our wedding day was such an emotional and joyful day and it will be a day we keep reliving in our minds for years to come!

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