Romantic Redwood Wedding

Our wedding day was the best day ever. We had perfect weather, amazing food, family and friends supporting us, an intimate ceremony, and a total party of a reception. I'm obsessed with so many details from our day, and our flowers are no exception. I have always loved flowers, so I knew they would definitely be a key feature on our wedding day. However, after getting estimates around $6.000, I knew we would have to find an alternative to a florist. I found FiftyFlowers thanks to Reddit and chose them over other sites due to the variety of flowers available. I highly, highly recommend doing the complimentary consultation; Chloe recommended options that I hadn't found in my own search of the site and made sure I stayed within our budget.

To prepare, we purchased the Floral Crown Kit, ribbon, pins, 8 non-BPA buckets from Home Depot, and some glass vases from the Dollar Tree (for the anemones and ranunculus that are too short for buckets). Our delivery was split over two days as we went with the recommended time frames, but it worked out perfectly. On both delivery days, we just focused on getting all of the flowers cut and hydrated and happy. The day before the wedding, we finished the de-thorning/de-leafing process and started to put them in the groupings that I liked for each bouquet. It wasn't until the morning of the wedding that we did the actual wrapping of the bouquets and final cuts. I also put together our floral arch that morning, but it came together quickly because I opted to just glue flowers to a pre-made garland. Honestly, the entire process from delivery to set-up was so simple and took way less time than I was anticipating.

My vision perfectly came together and when I look at pictures, I feel a bit of pride over the fact that I did all of that! I'm not a DIY person at all so I was nervous about how it would turn out, but now I wouldn't change a thing. Not only did we save a crap ton of money, but every flower was beautiful and helped make our day perfect.

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