Romantic Downtown Wedding

Leah and Jonathon met by chance at her father's house, both were there to help out with a backyard project and both say it was love at first sight. Shortly after they started dating, Jonathon was offered position with a construction company that moved him to another city. The 2-and-a-half-hour drive didn't stop these two, they took turns traveling to see each other and after two years of dating long distance Leah and Jonathon decided it was time to make things more official. The two purchased a house together, moved in and week later while hiking at Crater Lake Jonathon popped the question and Leah said yes! This is where things got a little interesting… Jonathon told Leah she can plan the wedding however she likes but he had one request, they must get married on June 29th. This date holds significance for Jonathon because his Grandparents and his parents were all married on the 29th of June and he wanted to keep in that tradition. Leah agreed and the whirlwind engagement began, they had nine months to plan their dream wedding and they did it with flying colors.
Leah and I worked side by side in deciding what she wanted and what was in the budget. She threw me for a loop though when she decided she wanted a “weird purple” in her bouquet. The flowers she chose were so different from each other yet they worked so perfectly, an eclectic blend that came together to create a unique look that suited the bride perfectly. We had a few mess ups with the flowers that were delivered but Fifty Flowers went above and beyond to correct the mistake and make things as smooth as possible. Everything arrived healthy and alive! I created the bridal bouquets with Leah's input throughout the process, I wanted to get it just right for her. The bridal party and myself worked together to create the centerpieces, this was the most fun we had all had in a very long time, Leah says it was one of her favorite parts of her wedding.
With the flowers we ordered, we were able to create 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids' bouquets, 2 arrangements for the arbor, 20 table arrangements, 1 large arrangement for the gift table, 1 large arrangement for the buffet, 6 small arrangements for around the room, flowers/greenery for bar and buffet line.

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