Riggs Wedding May 2017

My vision from day one was simple and classic with a rustic flair. Knowing that I didn't want anything extravagant, I chose to DIY all of our wedding flowers. Being from a very small town there is only one florist option, and though her prices are not unreasonable I found FiftyFlowers would still be much cheaper and give a chance for family and friends to help out with the wedding preparations.
All of the flowers were delivered perfectly, and I could tell they were packaged with careful detail. The email and text notifications of delivery and instructions were so helpful. As it got closer to the day of delivery I was getting nervous with thoughts of "what in the world will I do if these flowers are a bust?!" but easily relieved when all the blooms opened beautifully.
Church Pew Flowers- a single strand of twine hanging over the end of the pews held an antique mason jar. I wanted a single large-bloom flower placed in the mason jars and the stems from the Whimsical Garden Rose pack were perfect. The jars from the Church pews were taken to the reception venue after the ceremony to be used as centerpieces.
Centerpieces were tree slices (cut by the groom, off of the couples land) placed with a, true, antique mason jar and glass insulator with a votive candle.
Brides Bouquet- A mixture of Garden Roses, Spray Roses, and a few carnations, were a beautiful combination, surrounded by palm-leaf type greenery (from bride's personal plants). With the help of my best friend, Will, I put together my own bouquet to show the style I wanted and he and the other bridesmaids put together the rest of the flowers.
Bridesmaids Bouquets- A smaller version of the Bride's with mainly carnations and spray roses. All bouquets were wrapped with burlap ribbon as an accent the rustic touches throughout the day.
Boutonnieres were hand-made (By the bride and Will, my best friend) with burlap ribbon, backed by leaves cut from the Spray Roses.
Corsages were made with the Spray roses by my Grandma and Great Aunt.
With the remaining flowers (mostly carnations with a few spray roses), vases and containers were filled and placed throughout the reception on the gift, dessert, and buffet tables.
There were many compliments from guests on the flowers and were all pleasantly surprised to know they were ordered online and DIY'd. Also, the flowers lasted for many days after the wedding. We put the bouquets in vases and displayed in our home for the following week. The FiftyFlowers team made the whole process so easy, from the initial order to care instructions text at delivery. I will be recommending them to all my engaged friends!

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