Rick and Patti

My son and his Fiance started planning a wedding for next year 2017. As they got into the plans they could find no place local to have a reception that they liked. You can see how beautiful our family farm is where they wanted a fall wedding, but didn't want an outdoor tent trying to keep people warm all evening. Patti found a place on the Eastern Shore of MD where her Parents live, but it's a 3 hour drive between places. So they decided to do a small family wedding THIS YEAR and plan a party on the Eastern Shore next year! So we, the Groom's parents started figuring out how to pull this off in just a few months. Fifty Flowers came to my rescue for one major item!! The flowers were SO well wrapped and packaged there was NOT A SINGLE broken flower! The colors were on point with the burgundy she wanted, the cream and pale pinks. I even have a vase of more than a dozen roses sitting on my table that were not used! The Bridal Bouquet picture is the next day! They STILL look fresh! Thank you for your attention to detail! Calls and texts to make sure we had what we should and even sending roses on a separate day to insure freshness!

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