Red Winter Wedding

My husband and I wanted a wedding with all of the bells and whistles, but at a great cost. (Who wouldn't want it at a great cost right?  ) Fifty flowers really helped out with the great cost. Our flowers came out so beautiful. I am sure that my flowers would have been triple the cost if we used a florist. Our color scheme was red and gold. We did have an issue with our red dahlia flowers, but Fifty Flower was on top of it and provided me with the walk of fame garden rose. The color was the same as the red dahlia, so it wasn't a huge deal. If I had one advice for any DIY florist out there, it would be: order your focal and secondary flowers here. I also ordered white roses; senorita roses, spray roses and all of my greenery from Sam's club and the quality of the roses aren't the same. Fifty flowers flowers came in and opened up so well.

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