Rainy Day Wedding

Even with a complete downpour for the weather, I had my DREAM wedding. It was the best day of my life! Chase and I have had an amazing relationship, and we wanted the beauty of our special day to reflect that. A large part of this was our exceptional experience with flowers. I ordered the flowers from FiftyFlowers: a variety of roses and baby's breath. It saved us a ton of money, the only thing we were nervous about was how it would turn out. A florist that we had visited shared horror stories of brides (who used other websites) the day of their weddings showing up in tears saying how all of their flowers arrived dead and could not be used. We, thankfully, had no such experience! We ordered hundreds of roses and baby's breath, selected the suggested arrival date for our wedding event date. They arrived right on time and we followed the directions given on what to do with them upon arrival. The only additional thing which we had to get were buckets and a little extra plant food to get them all set up. Even in the summer, in a house with no air conditioning, the roses lasted wonderfully as we stored them in my basement. They ended up perfect! My biggest suggestion with doing your flowers yourself would be to make sure that you have a good team supporting you in the work. My sisters and friends did an amazing job helping me every step of the way- we made the boutonnieres and bouquets the day before the wedding, and then stripped flowers to arrange for centerpieces the morning of the wedding. The ballet blonde roses had very sharp thorns, so if you are working with those, be sure to have garden gloves and flower tools. They were my favorite when it came to the look, though! With the flowers we ordered, we made my large bridal bouquet, 6 small bridesmaids bouquets, 12 boutonnieres (a couple extra just in case), all of my centerpieces, with lots leftover for extra decoration! Originally, we were going to have the ceremony outdoors, so we planned to put the extra roses along the wedding arch; however, with it raining cats and dogs, we were indoors! Instead, we placed them decoratively around the stage on which we got married. It was so amazing and beautiful; I got so many compliments on the atmosphere we created with the beautiful roses! I am so thankful that we chose to save money and get amazing quality!

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