Practice Run

I offered to arrange the flowers for my son and future daughter in law's simple, small wedding. I worked for a florist many years ago and felt comfortable with corsages and boutonnieres. A co-worker had designed her entire wedding flowers herself with flowers ordered online. I had seen the pictures and the flowers were lovely. However I had never created a bridal bouquet. So I started with a Whimsical Sample pack of pink Garden Roses from FiftyFlowers to make a practice run. The goal was to finalize a bridesmaid bouquet design to satisfy the bride while assessing the delivery, quality and color for the perfect rose for the actual wedding. Since this was for practice, I placed an online order, selected four different pink roses and set it up for the first available delivery date which was a Friday. I pretended that the wedding was that next Sunday and planned to spend Saturday creating bouquets. Shortly after placing the order, I received a text, email and voice message from James at FiftyFlowers.
He explained that Friday deliveries were not preferred in case there was glitch with the carrier and flowers didn't arrive in time to hydrate and be assembled. He preferred a Thursday delivery and said he could make that happen. And he did. The flowers came exactly when I expected them. I assembled on Friday as if the wedding was on Saturday. The picture I'm sharing is of the Pink O'Hara Garden Rose. The bride said the design was exactly what she wanted for her bridesmaids. I was real impressed with the O'Hara as it was sturdy to work with and lasted for days on my kitchen counter during the heat of summer. Unfortunately the bride wants a lighter softer pink rose. No problem though as FiftyFlowers has the largest selection of pink garden roses and we have found one for the "real" wedding. I learned a lot from James in customer service and will not hesitate to ask questions and rely on the answers I receive. He suggested that I order way ahead to guarantee the particular rose we desire.
I have also enjoyed reading the reviews of the many other bridal parties that have shared their pictures and stories as well as helpful tips in some cases. I continue to be amazed at their creativity. What fun!

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