Practice makes perfect

In prepping for a COVID micro-wedding, we are trying to reduce the number of face-to-face vendors as much as possible, and this quickly led to doing our own florals. The Save-the-Grower pack was a perfect chance to try processing a small batch of flowers, and get a sense of how the progress over the suggested opening window.

Photos attached are:
-still packaged/as-received; delivered right on time by Fedex.
-re-hydrated at +2 days; most of them opened beautifully (although some of the deeply cupped garden roses stayed very dense). If a rose has a droopy neck on day 1, don't give up on it! Recut it (as sharp as possible, an inch or two up) and there's a good chance they'll spring right back to life. (I've also invested in QuickDip through Amazon for the wedding, it's a slightly acidic solution which can supposedly help prevent air bubbles, fungal growth at the end and promote better hydration). They still looked excellent on Day 3, so if your schedule is already full it would probably be OK to get them in a bit earlier.
-arranged on DAY 7. They were so gorgeous just scattered on the table in vases I didn't want to break everything down and strip off the foliage too soon! 23 garden roses made for a lovely 10"-diameter hand-tied dome (one was too fully opened to squish in), arranged in a spiral-style. I highly recommend FlowerJoos videos for tutorials, very technical but also very sweet.

Overall I wouldn't pick these colors for a wedding, but as a cheer-me-up they were stunning! I also think the small-scale practice was very useful, in terms of tools, time, and space needed. I'll be coming into the wedding week with a much better sense of time required, and I know I'll enjoy the process!

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