Pinky Mauve Wedding

This was my first time ordering flowers for a wedding online. Being the control freak that I am when it comes to client's weddings, I usually like to see and buy the flowers in person so I know exactly what I'm getting. To say that I was stressed placing my order was an understatement. Before placing my order on Fifty Flowers I spent countless hours reading reviews and product descriptions. I'm happy to say that all the flowers pretty much came exactly as described and portrayed in the product pictures. The customer service was also amazing! I got quick replies every time! I was also really impressed at how well packaged the flowers came so that as little damage as possible was made on the flowers. The flowers at the wedding ended up being absolutely beautiful and I got non-stop compliments all day. But most importantly, the bride raelly loved the flowers. I'm so grateful to have made such a sweet bride so happy!

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