Perfect Solution for my Flower Dilemma

I didn't realize how limited my flower budget was until I met with our florist and she could only accommodate the bridal party's flowers and baby's breath baskets for the ceremony decorations. I was pretty devastated when she told me we couldn't afford centerpieces with our budget. She did say that for $400 more she could do 25 baby's breath centerpieces if we supplied her the containers, and that I could think it over and get back to her. So I got online to see what other options I had and found FiftyFlowers. I saw how much more I could do with that $400 dollars if we supplied our own containers and I did the flowers myself. I wish I would have known about FiftyFlowers prior to signing with our florist because we could have gotten so much more for our money -- and honestly, sitting by myself, at the reception location taking it all in while doing my centerpieces was one of my favorite parts of the prep for the wedding.
FiftyFlowers was awesome to work with, their customer service was completely on point and called to confirm everything, including a need to switch flower colors in the berries and to change the date of deliver of the lilies to ensure they bloomed in time. I followed their instructions exactly, and my flowers were perfect for our wedding day. I ended up with 5 more centerpieces than I needed, and extra flowers for the cake table, guest book table, gift table and baskets full of flowers at our ceremony. I recommend them to all my friends for anything that they might need flowers for.

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