Perfect Match

Choosing Fifty Flowers was definitely one of the best decisions I made while planning my wedding. When researching my “expensive taste” in flowers, I was shocked at how expensive some florists were. I had never done my own flowers for a large event like this but between me being so picky and my crafty family to help, I decided to save some money and do my own flowers for my big day. The week of the wedding was a little stressful but knowing that I made my own bouquet, for my special day, was beyond worth all the gathering, organizing and stress. The flowers arrived BEAUTIFULLY with little or no harm. I did have a scare with my peonies not arriving on time but we were able to organize a pickup at the FedEx location. Overall it was worth all the hard work and I was able to save a little cash. I now see why some of the florists charge so much!

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