Perfect DIY Wedding

This was a second wedding for both of us, so we knew what we did and did not want. I researched different options for flowers from a full service florist to DIY. After pricing different options, practicing making different arrangements, and reading many on-line reviews, I decided to order through Fifty Flowers. I read about all of the flowers I was interested in on the website and then spoke with a representative regarding the flowers I was interested in purchasing. She was extremely helpful, providing me additional information on the types of flowers I was looking at, describing the colors and sizes of the various flowers in detail, and offering alternatives that better met my needs and goals. Finally, I settled on the red ranunculus, orange ranunculus, and red hypericum. I used the flowers in the bouquets for our daughters, my bouquet, and 48 bud vases. The flowers were the perfect touch of color and beautiful enough to stand on their own without complicated arrangements. With 100 of each of the ranunculus and 100 of the hypericum, I was able to add flowers everywhere I wanted them. Our day was perfect and the flowers and the service at Fifty Flowers was a big part of making the day everything we wanted it to be.

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