Peony Wedding Flowers - Big Sky, Montana Ranch Wed

Our wedding was located on a beautiful ranch in Big Sky, MT. The scenery itself was already quite breathtaking so I tried to keep my wedding as simple as possible while still incorporating the elements that were important to me to create a beautiful wedding. I knew I wanted lovely flowers and simple, clean centerpieces. I figured, with the help of my mom, that we could do the flowers. I searched online and found I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of how the flowers would be delivered or how they would look, but somewhat to my surprise they arrived at the venue a few days before the wedding. I gave myself a day to follow the directions, hydrate them, etc. The white peonies were gorgeous - very full and delicious looking. Unfortunately I did not have the same impression of the light pink peonies. Some of them were fine and filled out quite nicely, others never fully bloomed or were very small in comparison to the white peonies (like 1/2 the size). I did end up calling Fifty Flowers the day before the wedding and after I waited for them to bloom and they did offer a discount, but I wished I would have just ordered the white, knowing what I know now. Regardless, we made gorgeous centerpieces using just peonies and eucalyptus that I picked up with some greenery at a local store. My mother made my bouquet as well as the bridesmaids using the all white peonies and eucalyptus. I also made two flower crowns for my flower girls. I designed the wedding myself but had help from crafty friends and family members along the way. Pick a few DIY items for your wedding that you can truly spend time on and do well without getting overwhelmed. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Fifty Flowers to other customers - just be wary of flower variations that can vary significantly in terms of bloom size like my pink peonies did. Thanks Fifty Flowers!

**If you'd like to read the blog post featuring the wedding, you can find it here:

**There is also a video that features the flowers/decor quite nicely at the bottom of the blog post. Feel free to take a peek as well!

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