Peonies in July!

FiftyFlowers did an amazing job! I wanted peonies in July and every florist I spoke with told me they weren\'t available or if they were they would be very poor quality. When I saw that FiftyFlowers had them, I was very concerned about the quality. I was reassured that they would be beautiful, and they were! All the flowers arrived on time, in great condition and FiftyFlowers was fabulous with answering all of my questions. I purchased around 800 stems of flowers and they were all in great shape. And honestly, the prep work wasn\'t as intimidating as I thought it would be. The flowers didn\'t need as much pampering as I had expected. One piece of advice for the peonies, definitely get them THREE (not two) days before your event. They will open up so much more and definitely will NOT wilt. Same for the wholesale roses, we did the garden roses two days before because they are more delicate. And DO NOT be scared to take off tons of the outside petals on the roses, it will help them open up so much more. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. I was able to get all the flowers I wanted for 70% off what was quoted to me by a florist. Thank you!

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