Pennsylvania October Wedding

Leading up to my wedding day, I was set on doing the DIY thing (as many brides are nowadays to save money). I had looked up the cost of florists in the area (4-6k!) and thought there is NO way I can justify paying that much for flowers that are going to go in the trash. Being artistic I figured, "how hard can this be?" and I even took a class at a local wholesale flower distributor to see if I could learn some basics, but felt discouraged when there was an elitist vibe about the art of flower arrangements. I got even more discouraged when both my caterer and venue coordinator told me that doing my own flowers was a "bad idea". So, you could say in the days leading up to my wedding I was pretty nervous about how the flowers would turn out. When I found FiftyFlowers, my nerves definitely calmed. My FiftyFlowers experience was all around perfect. They have amazing customer service, the delivery process was easy and they kept me informed, and above all...a great quality product! I had looked at some of their competitor sites and found FiftyFlowers to be the most cost-effective and user-friendly. The Flower Stories with other brides sharing their process definitely helped build up my confidence again and helped me come up with a game plan. I ended up buying artificial flowers for the elements guests would not be "up close and personal," so I could reduce my workload the week of, then I let all my bridesmaids know that 2 days before the wedding I needed them to help with making centerpieces. We made a party of it with music and wine (the centerpieces started looking better as the night went on ;) ), and had a great time bonding in the process. I could tell that my bridesmaids were nervous going in, but I had prepped recipes for them to follow and made an example centerpiece for them to copy. We also made the bouquets 2 nights before and kept them in water until the morning of, which turned out fine. I think the results were wonderful, and I am so glad I chose to do the floral arrangements myself! Not only did I save about $4,000, but we got tons of compliments at the wedding.

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