Pacific Blues

My daughter wanted blue flowers for her wedding (to match the blue Pacific ocean, that was right across the street from her wedding/reception venue, and to match her lovely light blue eyes). After much online research, I chose to order most of the flowers from Fifty Flowers: Light Blue Delphinium, Dark Blue Delphinium, and White Lisianthus. To complement these, I also picked up fresh light blue and dark blue hydrangeas from a local farm.

After ordering the flowers online several months prior, they arrived promptly on the scheduled date: the Wednesday before Saturday's wedding. At first I panicked –some were opened quite a bit (the delphinium), while the lisianthus were mostly closed. But I referred back to the Fifty Flowers website and followed their explicit guidelines for each flower. I decided to place the lisianthus in slightly warm water to speed their opening, and the delphinium in cold, to slow them down! By Friday when it was time to make the bouquets and centerpieces, almost all of them were perfectly in bloom!

I made the first centerpiece as a guide, and the bride and her girlfriends then dove in, becoming more and more confident with each creation. It was simply not possible to make anything but a beautiful bouquet with these gorgeous flowers!

We had a great sense of accomplishment when looking at the sea of flowers we had in front of us, and the wedding was as lovely as we had imagined when we first placed our order.

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