Our Vintage, Romantic Wedding on a Budget

I don't even know where to begin with FiftyFlowers. I read about them in a blog first, then read great reviews about them on WeddingWire and I was sold. I love how many options there are on this site - you can pick WHATEVER you want - in bulk - and NO shipping fees! The ordering process was easy - I placed the order less than 3 weeks before my wedding. Everyone I spoke with on the phone from FiftyFlowers was very professional. I got a call after placing the order just to confirm everything and make sure the shipping address was correct. Then a few days before our wedding, I got a few calls about some of the flowers that wouldn't be available due to weather issues - totally understandable..after reading reviews ahead of time, I prepared myself for that. I was working with Daniela at FiftyFlowers mainly and she suggested some really good alternatives and even threw in some extra flowers for the inconvenience. The replacement flowers I received were: the Finesse Sunrise Peach Roses, the Cabbage Garden Rose Romantic Antique Pink, and Lisianthus Medium Pink Flower. The Cabbage Garden Rose Romantic Antique Pink were the ones Daniela threw in for no extra cost and let me tell you, they were the best things ever!! They made our bouquets and arrangements look so much more amazing. Two days before the wedding, the Eucalyptus we ordered was delayed in shipping. Of course I freaked out a little but that wasn't FiftyFlower's fault - I called FedEx and luckily, it was nearby and I was able to pick that up. I have no experience with arranging flowers but I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, grabbed a couple friends (1 of them had a lot of experience in the past) and we finished everything in a few hours in my parent's basement. We saved so much money with this option and I can't wait to order from them again!

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