Our DIY Wedding

We planned and executed our wedding in 5 months which meant that we did not have the time to save for a wedding that the typical year-long engagement has. After reading countless wedding blogs I decided on Fifty Flowers and 250 stems of 4ft Red Gladiolus. Gladiolus always seem so elegant and luxe and I wanted the wedding to appear luxurious even though it was on a budget. Our flowers arrived by box delivered to our door on the Tuesday before the Saturday wedding. They were neatly packaged in bundles of 25 and the blooms were closed for delivery. I unboxed, separated, and then had to trim, tip and rehydrate all 250. Each day I changed the water and re-snipped the ends and by Saturday the entire stems had bloomed. Setting up the reception and ceremony space took longer than expected so my bridesmaids and I brought our flowers to the Salon with us and set up a production line on the floor making bouquets with long stem gladiolus and ferns picked from the gardens. We experimented with different amounts of stems, different bows, different added greens from the gardens and were able to produce an exquisite result. We also made boutineers for the boys and plucked flower petals for our flower girl. The flowers that were not used in bouquets, boutineers and petals were used to decorate the aisle at the ceremony, the ceremony arch, the vases on the tables at the reception and then used throughout the venue as needed. With 250 stems we were able to abundantly decorate our whole wedding and they looked beyond incredible. It was an amazing experience that I would not trade for any pre-made arrangements - our wedding was made from scratch straight from the heart and it turned out beautiful. Thank you Fifty Flowers for your amazing service - you made a luxe wedding possible for a budget bride. - Mrs. J.

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