Our Colorful & Bright Wedding

After ten years of dating, we got married in my childhood backyard in the Illinois countryside. We could not have done it without the help of our family and friends, and what I will remember forever is that every action -- every table set up and ribbon tied on a bouquet -- was an act of love. Each of those flowers represents an aunt, a cousin, a bridesmaid, a mother saying "I love you."

FiftyFlowers contacted me with each step, so I never had to worry, and the flowers arrived absolutely perfect and on time. Processing them a few days before the wedding was a welcome break from the other tasks on my to-do list, and the day before the wedding I really appreciated spending time with my aunts, cousins, and bridesmaids as they created the most beautiful bouquets and centerpieces imaginable. I have never seen such gorgeous, lush arrangements before, and our guests could not stop talking about them. My bridesmaids wore dresses of their choosing, so ordering from FiftyFlowers also allowed us to create bouquets and corsages that perfectly complemented each member of the wedding party, and the bridesmaids had fun choosing their favorite flowers to add to the bouquets before the centerpieces were created with what remained. The flowers were still gorgeous for days after, so we reused the centerpieces at a few more events. I can only hope our marriage is blessed with many joyous events over the years that call for a celebration with flowers like these!

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