October Mystical Marriage

We had booked a florist over a year in advance for our wedding. It turns out she was a scam artist and we were left high and dry less than 3 months before our date. At that point, many florists had already been booked or we would've had to pay 3+ times what we had initially budgeted so I started doing some DIY research. I stumbled upon FiftyFlowers and immediately felt relieved. I worked with Violet (a member of the FiftyFlowers customer service team) and she is an absolute lifesaver. She answered all of my paranoid bride questions what if the flowers are delayed, I have to drive 2 hours to our venue and the flowers going to die, can I really actually do everything I want?!) I made a cart up with all of my favorite flowers and she gave me so many helpful tips and tricks and worked within my budget. I was able to get everything I wanted! We sourced all of our vases from local thrift shops which was a fun adventure in itself, we also used some other little vessels (cauldrons/antique vases) that we had at home. Our wedding was a little different than most. I wore a midnight blue celestial gown, had a bridesman, and my husband didn't want boutonnieres. Our goal for our wedding was to make sure we kept true to ourselves and that our personality showed through specifically in our decor. FiftyFlowers was a key part in us achieving that. I was able to create SO many beautiful arrangements and two stunning bouquets for myself and my sister the MOH. I called fifty flowers with any issues we had during processing after delivery and they exceeded my expectations in customer service. I was so nervous for no reason. Everything came out beautiful and we had so many flowers left over after making our centerpieces and bouquets that we were able to use petals for the ceremony aisle and tie some beautiful blooms and greens to the chairs lining the aisles. I am so beyond pleased with my experience with FiftyFlowers.

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