November Farm Wedding

I was super hesitant to do my own flowers for my wedding but wanted to cut the cost of a florist. I have a little bit of arranging experience and took an hour long class once, so I wasn't walking in blind, but not much more than that on something this scale.
FiftyFlowers delivered (through FexEx/UPS) early the morning they were supposed to arrive and I got started. It was way easier and more fun than I expected. It was stressful doing them solo and being the bride, so I would recommend delegating it to someone else to lead, but it was doable.
No two of my centerpieces were the same, so I had some smaller and some very large arrangements. I also used them on isle seating, on our ceremony welcome sign, on our catering tables, on the cake, etc. It was a very flowery wedding which is exactly what I wanted. We had plenty of eucalyptus to scatter on the tables too. Could've ordered a little less eucalyptus and still been okay but I liked being able to scatter it everywhere.

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