Northern Michigan Country Chic

We got married on a beautiful summer day on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. My inspiration was completely drawn from the beauty of Northern Michigan. I wanted a rustic but elegant and romantic feel. Our entire wedding was DIY from the flowers to the signs and centerpieces, and even ceremony arch! We put our hearts into this wedding for just shy of a year and it turned out just as I had imagined and more! I knew a florist would be way out of our budget for how many arrangements and everything I needed so my husband's aunt was so kind to do all of our flowers! I needed all the help I could get since I was clueless when it came to type of flowers, let alone arranging them! She made 7 bouquets, 11 boutonnieres, 35 centerpieces, 5 corsages, 2 large ceremony arrangements, arch, and a handful of miscellaneous reception arrangements. We used most of our greenery from Fifty flowers and a lot of the flowers were grown by family and friends! All of the hydrangeas, sunflowers and lavender were picked from everyones yards and gardens. It was an amazing group effort to pull this off. I absolutely love how our flowers turned out and couldn't have asked for anything better. It was a true representation of exactly what I pictured for our wedding day! :)

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