New Mexico Wedding

We had an early morning (9:00am ceremony) wedding in the desert out at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. People often know it because the artist Georgia O'Keeffe painted and lived out here. We took our guests for a hike after the ceremony and then came back to town for an evening reception. The flowers all held up pretty well, and I chose ones for my bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres that would last for the day. FiftyFlowers did a great job getting my beautiful flowers. They arrived over 2 days and very few were damaged. Even when a few of the flowers I ordered didn't arrive, they got me replacements. I loved their quality! I made my own bouquet and a good girlfriend made the corsages. My other friend did the table arrangements. We made all the arrangements the day before, which I would recommend as it gave time for the flowers to open more. We used the extra rose petals for the flower girls to sprinkle. Things looked beautiful, especially with such a selection. I would recommend all the flowers I chose. Thank you FiftyFlowers for being such a sweet smelling part of our wedding day.

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