My Perfect Backyard Wedding

When I went to a florist about flowers for my wedding, they actually suggested that I do it on my own. We were having a chemistry themed wedding (we are both chemists) and all my vases were various pieces of lab glassware. She gave me a list of flowers, numbers, and prices. I thought the amount was too small and that the price was too high. I began looking around online and came across So many of the testimonials showed such wonderful flowers, there was such a wide variety of flowers, and the prices were reasonable. Unable to choose, I ended up ordering 11 different kinds of flowers.

I had no set idea for centerpieces and decor. The plan was to just fill glassware with flowers and set it around the wedding venue. The week before my wedding the flowers started arriving. On the Tuesday before I received the Freesias. I was actually contacted by Fifty Flowers with the suggestion of moving the delivery date of those flowers up by one day so they would open properly. I was so distraught when I opened the box and saw red and not white flowers. However, Fifty Flowers has great customer service and the correct flowers were on there way to me within 2 hours. All the flowers arrived on the Wednesday before and I spent the whole day trimming, pruning, and prepping the flowers.

The day of my wedding I took 8 buckets of flowers to the wedding venue and set my helpers loose. I had my aunt who is an interior decorator, a family friend who had does wedding flowers before, and about 5 other people helping. They got the flowers done in about 2 hours. It was very helpful that I had cleaned them a few days before.

OH MY GOODNESS!! I had so many flowers! They lined the aisle. They were on every table. They were everywhere and they were wonderful! All the arrangements were very free flowing exactly like I like. I couldn't get over how wonderful everything looked!

After the wedding, the MIL took 3 buckets to the hospital where she works to make bouquets to set around. I gave flowers to everyone who help. I kept 4 bouquets. I took some to co-workers. They were amazing. The flowers lasted a good 2 weeks after the wedding with no flower food.

Thank you so much for helping me have the most amazing flowers at my wedding!!

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