My Grandmother's dream

This story is very bittersweet to my husband and I, along with out family. Both of my grandmothers were very dear to my husband and I's heart. My paternal grandmother helped me plan our wedding, including colors, flowers, dresses, etc. My maternal grandmother was married in April, along with her mother, grandmother, and my mother. I had to get married in April because I had to keep this tradition going! We never realized it until my husband Aaron and I got engaged and were planning the wedding. It was quite comical, but what a coincidence! My grandmothers' favorite flowers were hydrangeas and roses, which is why I chose the flowers I did. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, along with my family and friends when it came to putting flowers together to look pretty! I was petrified but excited at the same time as we ordered the flowers to be shipped in April.

One month prior to our wedding my paternal grandmother passed, and we were heartbroken (my maternal grandmother passed one month after the wedding). I wore her 25th wedding anniversary jewelry for my wedding day as you can see in a few of the pictures. That day came, and it seemed as if something was missing the entire time, as we were all very close to her. The only thing that kept us laughing and smiling is how on earth we made the flowers look so good! Not a single person involved in arranging the flowers had any experience, and seeing the bouquets, centerpieces and church arrangements blew us all away! I have also never seen my father so concerned over flowers and making sure they were not going to die within 2 days of arrival (I received numerous phone calls and texts from him in regards to the flowers and how they were doing at all hours of the day).

Our wedding day turned out great, and so many guests couldn't get over how great the flowers looked! We kept high fiving each other as we received compliments! As wedding favors, we sent home the flower centerpieces in the square glass vases that I purchased with each table that wanted one. I also had A LOT of baby's breath left over, so I used that and lace ribbon to tie on each church pew. I also had a few hydrangeas and roses left over so I put together a large vase arrangement for the front of the church, behind the pastor. A few days later I took that large arrangement and placed it on my grandmother's grave, as I knew she was there that day, and deserved flowers for being the woman she was.

The flowers were perfect, and lasted so much longer than expected! I received numerous phone calls and texts from guests telling me their flowers were still alive and were still beautiful! It may have been just my luck that we received such beautiful flowers that lived as long as they did....but I think it had something to do with Fifity Flowers and my grandmother in heaven helping as well! I thank you so much for everything! The flowers turned out more than perfect!

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