My First

I am the Mom of a bride...well she's married now. I wanted to do a lot, myself, for my daughter's wedding. Partially because I have a hard time letting go of some things...but mostly because I wanted to save some money. I chose a venue that was beautiful in its own right and did not "require" a lot of decorating. Although I love to do this kind of thing, I saw it as an opportunity to save some money. I chose to use a lot of candles and petals for decor and the petals my daughter and I chose were beautiful. I watched the video repeatedly to determine how much to order...and then crossed my fingers and did it. It turned out perfect. I ended up with a little more than I needed, which was what I had thought might happen...but better to have a little too much than not enough. The photo I included was taken at the wedding showing the decor for the guests tables. There is no question, the next time I have a need for bulk flowers, Fifty Flowers is where I will get them from. Thank you for your beautiful petals!

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