My Daughter's Wedding

This turned out so lovely and beyond my imagination. It was overwhelming to get this many arrangements done... I enlisted all my sisters and nieces and bridesmaids... took all day. But I was sooo pleased with the results and the price. $1600 and we had the loveliest centerpieces - instead of scrimping because of price. It's really easy to put these together, especially with the big hydrangeas as a focal point. My daughter did forget to water them the night before and I had to replace half of the hydrangeas - they drink an incredible amount the first 2 days - which you never see at home because they are usually so old by the time you get them. These being fresh from the growers - they drank easily 2-3 pints in 2 days. You can google how to make bouquets - And I put the hydrangeas in he center (shorter, with a little water vile - so they made it through the day. Just kept them in water until the ceremony. I was so incredibly pleased with the turnout. And Fifty flowers were a huge help in helping me with length of time, how to prep them, and putting the look together. Don't let fear hold you back for having lovely flowers for a reasonable price. But be sure and enlist plenty of help! And they guaranteed if anything didn't make it in - they would quickly replace from local florists. But all came in (not at once).

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