Mountain Wedding and More

For our wedding, I wanted something small with only the closest family members, while he wanted all our extended family and friends there. After hours of discussion with my fiancée thousands of miles away, we reached a compromise. He agreed to have a small ceremony in Colorado, a state he had never been to, at an overlook in a town neither of us had ever been to. I agreed that a month later we would have a reception with all of our family and friends in a working barn on my parents farm in Indiana. Queue the manual labor.
After months of planning and working to empty an entire 60x80 foot barn and prep the surrounding area so it was safe for guests, the venue was ready. The dress had been purchased, but it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned. My aunt used her sewing skills to make alterations and add sleeves, creating the dress of my dreams. The men's suits were ordered and the bridesmaids' dresses were hemmed. OH! And the rental house where twenty of our closest family members would be staying was booked.
I was able to work with Chloe Nolan to ensure I would have enough flowers for my specific event. FiftyFlowers also helped me arrange pickup for my flowers at my destination, so I did not have to worry about packing buckets of water and trying to keep all the flowers healthy as we traveled half way across the country for our ceremony. I wanted a lot of greenery and mostly white and light pink flowers with pops of deep, dark burgundy to match the wedding theme. I am so thankful FiftyFlowers was available and able to make all my flower dreams come true for our big day. My bridesmaids each made their own bouquets and I made my own bridal bouquet, then we all pitched in and made the boutonnieres together. We used most of the extra flowers to create two arrangements on either side of the aisle at the overlook. The Aspen trees were in full fall colors, the overlook was windy but beautiful, and everything about that night was amazing.

BIG BONUS - I was planning on ordering more flowers for our reception back home, but I was able to reuse the same ones from the ceremony. As we left Colorado, I asked my mom to hang up the greenery and extra flowers to dry them out between then and the reception. The eucalyptus held up perfectly and we were able to create a few arrangements around the barn with it. We used some of the dried roses and carnations in vases on the tables and my sisters-in-law made an amazing eucalyptus garland backdrop for our sweetheart table. That garland is now hanging above our bed. The smell will always take me back to one of the best days of my life and I can't thank FiftyFlowers enough for making that easy, affordable, and achievable.

A grateful Mrs.

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