Mountain Retreat Wedding

My now husband Clark and I were on a really tight budget for the wedding with both of us going back to school. Flowers were always part of my vision for my wedding and I have always been obsessed with how gorgeous they are. However, after receiving quotes for close to $2,800, I knew that having a florist was completely out of the picture. The venue that we chose had a beautiful forest background too, so we didn't want to take away from its already existing beauty. After reading a multitude of positive reviews on Fifty Flowers, I reached out to my bridesmaids and good friend Danielle (who had also DIY'd her wedding) to see if we could make it work. The process in choosing flowers and speaking with the customer service team was not only a blast, but also a breeze. They are with you every step of the way and will find alternatives to cut your price down even more. I had a very specific vision in mind, so Violet really helped in finding the quantities of flowers and the best options for my day. The flowers arrived packaged really well and I alongside my mother-in-law and husband prepped the flowers based on the provided instructions. I was very concerned about the flowers arriving on Thursday and lasting until Sunday (especially with the California heat). My nerves were for nothing because the flowers looked even more beautiful on the day of our wedding!

As for the arrangements and floral design, I was fortunate to have a team of helpers, including a friend who had done her own wedding flowers. She worked her magic with the centerpieces and the arbor, which turned out so well. The bridesmaids and I wanted to make our own bouquets, which was surprisingly easy after watching a few tutorials. For all of the remaining greenery, Danielle beautifully placed it around the cupcakes and on top of the fireplace. I highly highly recommend Fifty Flowers to everyone and couldn't have been happier with how my flowers turned out.

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