Most Beautiful Flowers!

I am a flower lover so from day one of planning my wedding, I knew I would have to arrange them myself in order to afford the flowers I wanted. My sister found fiftyflowers for me. I met with their online chat wedding coordinator multiple times as we brainstormed the different combination of flowers in my price range. I knew I wanted my focal flower to be the gorgeous Cabbage Garden Rose. I finally felt like I had the most beautiful mix of flowers! Two days before the wedding, my flowers arrived on time. They looked really thirsty, as fiftyflowers had warned me. I followed the instructions and then opened with plenty of time to arrange. I recommend getting flower food to help the flowers open. After delivery, fiftyflowers called me just to make sure that everything was going well. We arranged the bouquets the day before and the centerpieces the day of. My sister helped do most of the arranging. I feel like fiftyflowers was with me every step of the way, from ordering to delivery. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and we had so many compliments!

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