Mississippi Outdoor Wedding

I never really thought about how and where I wanted to get married until I had the who I wanted to be married to in my life. When I met him, my mind began to work out all the details. I've always loved my parents' home- a beautiful, old southern house on lots of land with a pond adjacent, rustic barns, and lots of old trees. Unfortunately a tornado came through in 2011 and took out many of the trees, but the house and old barns remained.

I'm a DIY-er about pretty much anything within reason. If I can do it cheaper, chances are I'll do it myself. That was my mentality for the entire wedding. I made the signs, banners, wreaths, guestbook, guestbook pens, arch, entryway, ribbon curtain cake backdrop, and even the vases. My husband's contribution to wedding planning was saving all his liquor bottles over the years. I then spray painted them and turned them into small vases for table arrangements to go along with the larger centerpieces. The bottles worked out great because we were able to use so many different arrangements on the tables even if they could only hold a few flowers. Both the flowers and bottles were great pops of color against the white tablecloths and chair covers.

Now, while I'm a DIY-er, I've never really done flowers and my thumb isn't exactly green. But I figured, what the heck? I can do that. And we did! Actually it was quite easy. I watched a few youtube videos and had a few inspiration pictures to go by, and 3 hours later we had all the flowers done! We did them the day before the wedding because I knew the day of the wedding would be chaos. We just kept the bouquets in water and made sure the arrangements had enough water.

I did use fake flowers on the arch, boutonnieres, and dog collars, but the flower arrangements and bouquets are all real. I probably had 15 larger centerpieces plus the smaller liquor bottle table arrangements.

Pic #1- larger vase arrangements. We probably had 12-15.
Pic #2- one of those arrangements on the groom's cake table. Whiskey barrel cake!
Pic #3- Larger arrangements next to the bride's cake and some flowers on the cake.
Pic #4- Bridal bouquet
Pic #5- One of the bridesmaids bouquets
Pic #6- you can see some arrangements and the flowers in my hair.
Pic #7- Us and our bouquets
Pic #8- us arranging the flowers
Pic #9- The bouquet shot is great, but the flowers on the arch are fake. I just wanted to brag on the setting!
Pic #10- you can see some of the liquor bottle arrangements in the background
Pic #11- us and the dogs. The flowers on their collars are also fake, but they made the best little flowergirls, so I had to share their pic.

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