Megan and Chris Got Married and the Flowers...Wow!

Megan and Chris wanted casual elegance with some vintage touches and lots of pretty little lights...and we really did not want to spend $3500 on flowers! We looked at local options and nothing made sense for what we were trying to accomplish (with a florist). So then, we looked at local bulk flowers to create what we wanted and that was not working either. Kim, mother of the bride, is a big fan of ordering on-line, so we looked into this and found Fifty Flowers. We got very excited because we could get exactly what we wanted from one great vendor delivered to our door. The bride had a wedding planner and when she told her, she gave Fifty Flowers her vote of approval - said it was the ONLY way to do flowers and the ONLY company she uses! Yea - go us! We ordered and also called to request lighter blush shades if possible. When they arrived on Thursday, October 3, wow! So beautiful. We followed Fifty Flowers' instructions for getting them into buckets and a couple hours later, we had a sea of fantastic flowers. On Saturday, following the bridal shower, the bridesmaids, Mom, friend Pam and later an Aunt and even some of the groomsmen were helping! We had a blast making these arrangements. It was fantastic bonding time and the end result was something everyone could be proud of. Thanks, Fifty Flowers, for providing such a fantastic and affordable way to have amazing flowers.

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