Marsala and Blush for the Win!

Something about love made us feel confident that we could do anything, including our own flowers at the wedding. We heard about FiftyFlowers and were so happy with the Bridal Shower flowers that we decided to skip the florist and order the wedding flowers. As the day grew closer, the fear of not really knowing how to make bouquets left us feeling nervous. The anxiety was soon replaced by joy as a few friends joined in to help construct 6 bouquets, 12 corsages and 12 boutonnieres. The simple and quick videos and the support of the staff allowed us to relax and enjoy the fun while making bouquets AND memories. It was one of the best experiences and everyone felt successful. The next day, our guests kept asking where the flowers came from and couldn't believe we made them ourselves, but we have the pictures to prove it! We would highly recommend FiftyFlowers to DIY Brides for all of the beauty and a fraction of the cost of what professional flowers would cost.

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