Married In The Barnes

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE Violet, she helped me so much during this entire process! I seriously don't know what I would have done without her help, we talked on the phone and through email several times while I was trying to decide on flower choices. I was the bride who was trying to please everyone and wasn't really getting what I wanted(they wanted blush, navy, and ivory as my colors.) On our final phone consult she got me to break my need to please everyone attitude and do the colors and style I wanted, and boy oh boy am I glad she did!! I enlisted the help of my bridal party and some of my favorite aunts to tackle all of our flower needs. Everything arrived on Wednesday as planned, except for one slight issue, we got white carnations instead of the yellow we had ordered. They couldn't get the correct ones in time for the wedding so they refunded our money and we went to a local shop to get them instead, no harm no foul. :) If you are questioning whether or not you can handle doing your own flowers don't even think twice, you 100% can handle it!

Thank you so much for making our fairy tale come true!

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