Magic Mailed to Mars

My husband and I grew up one mile from each other in Mars, PA. Throughout our grade school years we had many similarities. We both attended the same daycare, middle school, and high school, loved art, playing games, and the outdoors. Our siblings were the same ages and were in the same friend circles. However, since I was four grades ahead of Steve we were not introduced for nearly thirty years. Part of this was due to my insatiable wanderlust and the fact that I moved away from Pennsylvania after college. When I lost my job, and was forced to move back home, I found temporary work as a photographer. On my first day I was introduced to my trainer... "the other guy from Mars". After working together for a bit Steve started flirting with me by drawing little hearts on my wrist. This had special meaning for us since the photography software our company utilized put little hearts above each image to indicate the client "liked it" or chose it as a "favorite". Steve was telling me he liked me. After a wonderful two years of dating, and many hand drawn hearts on my wrist, Steve proposed to me and I said yes. We wanted a wedding that was relaxed, fun, and showcased the beautiful colors that we grew up with. I can't thank FiftyFlowers enough for giving us access to the most beautiful flowers we could ever hope for. They arrived on time, and all at once, so the flower arranging party could begin without delay. It took four of my bridesmaids, my mother in law, Steve, and my parents eight hours to finish nearly 50 arrangements and 10 boutonnieres but it was worth it and surprisingly fun! I think the wedding pictures do a great job of showcasing how nicely the flowers came together despite the fact that we had zero experience. Wishing Love, Sunshine, and FiftyFlowers! Erin & Steve

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