Myhanh & Gregory
#Love OhMG

How they met 06.01.2015: Gregory followed his dream job that eventually brought him to Texas. He might have known what he wanted to do at age 11, but what he didn't plan for was meeting his future wife in Texas. Myhanh also didn't plan on meeting her future husband any time soon as she was skeptical of love and didn't believe it was for her, but that all changed when she met Gregory for the first time.
Over the course of Myhanh and Gregory's relationship, they took any and every opportunity to talk, meet, and travel. As their relationship quickly blossomed in love, it also did in faith.

The Proposal 10.04.16: Gregory knew Myhanh's birthday was coming up, so he planned a little surprise birthday trip. They both packed their bags, and this secret trip to "who knows where" officially started. Where did they wind up? Mount Magazine, Arkansas! So hiking was on the agenda, or so she thought! While there, they both enjoyed mother nature and each other. As they hiked up to the peak, and off to a small trail which led them to a cliff, Gregory knew "this is it, this is where I'm going to ask her".
As Myhanh was hugging the tree on the cliff trying not to look down, Gregory was setting up his GoPro for a "picture". He finally came over, posed for a picture, and then got down on his knee! He asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. With a smile bigger than their hearts combined, she said "OF COURSE!" and as they say, the rest was history!

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