Lovely Wedding Flowers!

I was originally going to use the same flower website my sister did, but I found them to be very limited in their selections. I wanted specific flowers and you guys had EVERYTHING I needed and more. It was easy to find and pick the flowers I needed. The Rustic box mix really helped as an option to buy. I just picked what I loved and thought would look beautiful with all the colors in the decor. My colors were fall colors, so it was easy to find what I needed. I watched youtube video to get ideas for arrangements.

I spoke with your customer people after I used another flower website for my Bridal Shower. I had a really unpleasant experience with them and I wanted to make sure the same thing didn't happen with FiftyFlowers. Everyone was so helpful and prompt in getting back to me. I was also able to call and text once the flowers arrived to get help with caring for the flowers. We only had one real issue. The roses I was most excited about, peachy cantaloupe garden roses, never bloomed well and never looked very peachy. They stayed looking very pink and magenta. That was disappointing, but everything else was BEYOND amazing. FiftyFlowers gave me a 5% refund for my troubles, which was so sweet and will keep my business. The other website I worked with, didn't provide a refund, but offered a discount if I ordered with them again. I will NEVER use them again and FiftyFlowers will definitely get my business. It was some of the best customer service I've had:) Hopefully we'll be able to use you all for a Baby Shower one day? ;)

My bridesmaids and two girls that weren't in my wedding, but were very helpful, did all my arrangements. None of them had floral experience. We rented out cabins with my family and all bridal party for the weekend. The boys hung out and did boy stuff. The girls put together the centerpieces and later that evening, we sat around and finished the larger centerpieces in my cabin. We sat around drinking wine, giggling and talking. It was one of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend. We all normally love to do crafts, so this was a fun activity to do as we had some quality time together. It is literally one of my favorite memories:) We made 1 Bridal Bouquet, 6 Bridesmaids Bouquets, and 2 junior bridesmaids bouquets. Boutonnieres were made from leaves and feathers from Michael's and Hops for making beer. I used Firestone beer bottle caps. I was inspired by the movie "UP" and got the idea to add the bottle caps. We made like 50 centerpieces? We had a variety of sizes and shapes. There were several bud vases and antique vases. All was found from searching Goodwill and yard sales. I also bought items from Save-on-crafts.
Tips: We had a lot to do and it was a helpful to have several people involved. Watch youtube videos and use FiftyFlowers as a resource. Don't stress. Have fun. The flowers are already gorgeous, so it's hard to arrange them badly. Also, we kept many of the dried flowers. The craspedia billy balls dry beautifully and I have reused them in vases to put around my house. It looks pretty and it's a lovely reminder to have around.
Photos by Rachel Photographie.

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