LOVED my flowers!

We were getting married on a Monday, so I was hoping we could get our flowers by Saturday. But, my area doesn't have Saturday delivery, and Friday would be risky if there were any delays, so we had the flowers arrive on THURSDAY! I was slightly worried that they wouldn't be in good shape, but they were perfect! We were getting married in a town where we didn't live. We got the flowers sent to a friends house. He took the flowers in, put them in buckets down in a cool basement and didn't even look at them until Sunday! They had completely opened up and were simply perfect. My sister in law used to work in a flower shop and is one of those people who is talented in everything she does. She arranged our flowers Sunday night/ Monday AM. I wasn't picky. I wanted my bouquet to be mainly yellow, the bridesmaids the white daisies, and centerpieces with daisies. She did an absolutely amazing job. I think my flowers were my favourite part of the day! (aside from marrying my best friend!) We had a lot of flowers left with. She made up a few extra bouquets just for here and there and gave all the bouquets extra flowers as well.
Our flowers cost $174. That gave us 10 bunches of white daisies and about 10-12 of just a yellow mixture. (more or less. I'm not too sure on the Exact amount of each) That is cheaper than you can buy anywhere else I'm positive!
We had my bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets, about 8 boutonnieres (possibly more), I think about 7-8 centerpieces, 2 extra bouquets, a few daisies in all of the favours, daisies in vases at the food table, and some flowers at the head table. We had tons of flowers, and you couldn't get them for a better price. I highly highly recommend Fifty Flowers to anyone!

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